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EP 67 - Aromatherapy & Sound Therapy w/ Kathleen Flanagan

January 26, 2022 R.L. Malpica
Minds Like Mine's Podcast
EP 67 - Aromatherapy & Sound Therapy w/ Kathleen Flanagan
Show Notes

Kathleen Flanagan has been on a spiritual journey for most of her life, but she hasn’t always gone willingly! Like a lot of us, when she felt a call from Spirit that sounded crazy, she said “No way!” And then she gave in and followed that call, always to the benefit of others and with gratitude for the guidance.  

Since the mid 1990’s, Kathleen has been a certified aromatherapist and licensed esthetician. She was inspired to develop an all natural method of stress reduction and mood enhancement based upon her personal experiences with sinus infections, migraine headaches and a host of complications to medications prescribed to address these conditions. The debilitating side effects of medications almost robbed her of a productive life. This inspired her to create Awakening Spirit, Inc. which produces a line of products that offer an all natural approach to improve disposition, relieve stress, increase self-confidence and create the conditions to enjoy life through the simple art of effective relaxation.

In 2001 she began training in Sound Therapy as a way to deepen the healing experience and provide the mind and body with frequencies that promote relaxation and health. This also helps her clients release traumas, improve physical and mental health and become better attuned with their core essence or true self.
In 2015 Kathleen published the National and International multi-award winning book “Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – Book One: The Call.”  Book One is the first in a trilogy about the journey of an awakening spirit.

You can purchase Kathleen's book here -- https://www.amazon.com/Dancing-Souls-Kathleen-M-Flanagan/dp/0996417702

Kathleen's website -- https://www.kathleenmflanagan.com/

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